In Production


The College of Wooster, Spring 2023

Contra Costa College, November 2022

Alicia from the Real in Wonderland tells the story of a 16-year old who decides to run away from home because of a disagreement with her mother. As she packs her stuff, she sees a White Rabbit and follows him out of curiosity. Soon, Alicia finds herself in a world full of “wonders,” with plants that talk, a philosopher caterpillar that discuss the meaning of reality, a mysterious cat that glows in the dark, a pair of mischievous twin brothers who always contradict themselves, a king who enjoys tea and dances with giant chess pieces along with a Lion and a Unicorn, a paranoid egg filled with melancholy, and of course a Mad Hatter, an over-the-top Queen of Hearts, and a Jabberwock everyone is terrified of for no reason.

All these well-known, but also very unique characters, have one goal in common, help Alicia realize that running away from home and her problems is not a solution