Ten-Minute Plays

Games People Play
2 Men or 2 Women or 1 Man and 1 Woman
The Office of a Counselor
A patient can’t control his anger and frustrations; his counselor tries to help him out before the patient loses his job. The question is would he succeed?

2 Women, 1 Man
A Living Room/Dining Room
Two sisters live together, one wants to celebrate the other’s birthday but the birthday can’t be celebrated without facing the past. Would they be strong enough to make it through the day?

3 People
Open Set
3 entities discussed the meaning of life and existence. It is poetic, rhythmic, and strange.

2 Young Men
Open Set
Two high school students recall the tragic event of a friend and how such event has changed their lives.

The Reception
2 Men, 1 Woman
An elegant Room
At a wedding reception the groom is nervous because his parents have shown up uninvited. Now he has to deal with the guests, his annoying sister, and his desires to make it through the event.