00060: FINISH!

30-day 2.0 Minimalism Challenge Over!

30 Days, 30 times!

Today marks the end of my second 30-day Minimalism Challenge/Game. It was relatively easy to do but a little challenging in terms of how my life is at the moment and how the pandemic has make “getting rid of stuff” far more difficult. For example, I have boxes of books that will be donated but they won’t be gone until the libraries feel they can take them because of the pandemic! I want an empty house and I’m so tempted to just dump them in the garbage can! No I won’t!

The point is that it has been challenging because of outside forces but at today I am done! I finish! And I have gotten rid of, or packed items in “go away boxes.”

This morning I woke excited about the idea of finishing the challenge that I decided to empty two more boxes full of stuff and papers and I did! It took me all morning but I did! So, hurray for me!

Now, I’m going to start a new challenge but instead of making it the 30-day Minimalism Challenge it is going to be the “7 By 30 Challenge.” It’s new, I just invented it, and the rules are simple. I have a week to get rid of 30 items! So, by every Saturday evening 30 items need to be gone! That’s it!

So, in this new challenge I will post about it once a week! Because it will be fun! I am sure of it!

Let the new game begin!!! #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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