0001: In the Beginning

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It’s now the year 2021 and I’ve been spending more time at home due to the pandemic. And since it is also winter time I tend to spend more time reflecting on my life, what I’ve done, what I wish I had done, and what I wish to do in the future. 

I am an artist, a theatre artist, a playwright to be exact. I have also acted in many different plays and musicals, as well as directed many plays and musicals. Yet, writing is my passion. 

As an artist and as individual, I have made many mistakes and I have burned a few bridges. I have been an immature individual, and someone who was (is) not able to see “the whole picture.” 

I know that many people like me. I also know that many people don’t like me. I have one of those personalities that you either like because “he’s funny” or you dislike because “he’s mean.” I’ve been told that I am a “stuck up” person while also been told I’m “very approachable.” I know that people have called me “very approachable” while others have advised people to “stay away from me.” 

One example I can give about this dichotomy is about something that happened a few years back. A theatre artist colleague and friend of mine applied together for a “collaborative award.” And as the process to pick the awardees, my colleague received a call from someone. They were asking my colleague why would he want to collaborate with me when I am “a very difficulty person to work with.” My colleague told them he was very happy to have the opportunity to work with me. He didn’t find me difficult and he really wanted the opportunity to work with me. We received 1/2 of the award and I am sure we got that part of the award because of my colleague, not because of me.

During the time my colleague and I collaborated, and the collaboration lasted two years, we discussed the perception about me being a “very difficult person to work with.” We were trying to figure out how, whoever came out with that conclusion, came to that conclusion. We decided that it was my personality, which, I said before it came come across as “very funny” or “very off-putting.” 

I know I am a very funny guy and I also know I am a very off-putting guy. There is no doubt in mind about that. And why do I know that? Because my personality is funny, and it is also very direct. I don’t go “around the bush.” I say things as I see them. I don’t sugar coat my words. I don’t have a filter when I speak. Correction. I have a filter, I simply chose to ignore it. I have no patience for people who just like to complain without purpose, and I definitely don’t have time to deal with people who try to play the victim for everything. 

Yes, I am very direct with my words and I realized that for some people, such approach feels like I’m attacking them. I am not. I’m just telling it like it is. The fox is a fox. 

So this blog, my blog, is about that. About what I think and feel. You may agree with it or you may disagree with it. It is the same to me. There will be times when I will write only in English and others where I will through algo de español as I write. And for the most part I won’t translate it. 

If you read my blog, leave a comment, a question, a complain. I’ll deal with it. And if you like my blog and like to share it with the world. Do so. Use the hashtag 


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