00023: Journals

12 Days of the 30-Day Minimalism Game

Day 12, twelve items

By now, you know I love writing and so, in my many trips to the bookstore I have bought writing journals because my intentions are always to “jot things down.”

I imagine myself in a café (read “Coffee? Really?” for the irony on this thought), sitting in this cozy place while it rains outside. I’m at a close local shop or perhaps I’m in Paris, France, or at a cute corner café in Amsterdam. Maybe, just maybe I’m at a café in Mexico City or in Buenos Aires, or in my favorite city, London, England.

No matter where I may find myself, I’m at the cutest café in town while the rain continues to fall and the pages of my journal are being impregnated with the flowing ink from my favorite pen. Like, J.K. Rolling, I’m writing the next successful novel or perhaps I’m simply journaling the deepest secrets I have kept all these years. After all, that is why I have bought so many journals.

In reality, I have only used one or two, maybe four but only two have been completely used and the other two have more than 3/4 of their pages empty. And, to no surprise, the many other journals are still as new as when I first bought them. Why is that? Because I never used them.

So far I have found six journals and none of them have ben used. They are just there, waiting their turn, which will not come. And all because my intentions have always been to write on them but I never do. Mainly because I have romanticized the idea of journal entries and because when I had the desire to write, it became easy to do it on a computer rather than by hand.

I know I bought those journals during my SAD days, because, every year, during the gloomy days of the year, it is when I feel more in touch with my emotions, and my emotions need to be written but I never do it… until now. And even now that I’m writing, I’m doing it on a computer.

These journals were supposed to serve a purpose I never allowed them to fulfill. I know that as I keep decluttering, I will find more journals, mostly unused. Once I have them all, I will donate them to people who may have the intention to allow them fulfill their destiny. They cannot just go to waste. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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