00026: UK Day

Day 14 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game

Day 14, fourteen items

If you are closed to me, you know that I am an avid fan of Dr. Who. Actor Tom Baker, you played Dr. Who in the early 70s was the first doctor I met. Then life happened and I started watching. Then life happened again and I picked up the new cycle of Dr. Who when Christopher Eccleston became the Ninth Doctor.

So it may be of a surprised to some of you that the image above contains Dr. Who paraphernalia. I mean, If I love Dr. Who so much, why get rid of it, right? Well, it is just part of the process.

I call this day the UK Day because everything included here came from England, except for the clogs, those I actually bought in Amsterdam back in 2010. They are decorative and I never put them in display. The two stuffed toys are actually the mascots for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Yes, I was there. Yes, I attended several events. Yes, I bought a lot of original stuff like these stuffed toy olympic mascots. Their names are Wenlock and Mandeville, and they still have their tags. Other stuff are the double-deck London bus, made of iron, a London school kit, and a couple of theatre booklets.

The Dr. Who paraphernalia will go to someone who is as crazy for Dr. Who as I am. And I’m giving my stuff to them because they never had the chance to go to the Dr. Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales (now closed). I did. Part of becoming a less cluttered individual, in and out, is being able to share what you have and with those who don’t have it but can make use of it. At least that’s my logic. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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