00031: Dr. Who Again

17 Days of the 30-Day Minimalism Game

17 Days, seventeen items

Yes, I am obsessed with Dr. Who and I do have a lot of paraphernalia regarding this show and characters. Most of it is at my school office though, in fact the two boxed items you see in the photograph came from my school office. The small “tardis” image is a magnet and that was here at home. Now, these three items are going to a new owner and I couldn’t be happier. The rest, are simply items that complete the 17 items needed to fulfill this particular 30-Day Minimalism Game/Challenge.

The small white box is filled with business cards I do not use at all because my work has given me professional business cards so I use those instead. I can’t believe I’m not hesitating about the business cards at all. Wow! #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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