0006: Update Needed

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

I don’t know if you have taken a tour of my website. If you haven’t, do so. It’s a cool website, listing my work, my work, and my work. Ok, maybe not that cool, but interesting at least.

If you have looked at my website, you may notice that I have not updated many parts of it. I mean, some of the entries in some of the pages go as far back as 2010. That’s 11 years ago! Oh, my Goddess! Have I been busy? Sure. Have I been overwhelmed? No doubt. Have I been lazy? Of course! But the main reason why my website is not “up-to-date” has to do with my unorganized way of living. That’s it! There is no other reason.

I have become a person who just accumulates so much stuff that my living space and my working space is always cluttered. And the stuff I have all over my house, in every room, and in my home office, does not allow me to move freely, or to think freely, or to keep my life up-to-date, including my website.

I keep using the excuse: “I am an artist and I am creating and my life and everything around me needs to be unorganized” or “My life is unorganized because my creative mind is always at work, so I don’t have time to be neat.” That is just a bunch of bullshit!

My un-updated website state will have to end soon because I have started to declutter my home office and as much as I can of my entire house without getting into arguments with my husband. And while I have been preparing for this transition and slowly have started to let go of things, I didn’t think about my website, so here I am, admitting my lack of dedication to it. And this too will have to change.


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