0005: Decluttering Me, Myself, and I

My State of Mind

I have given myself the challenge to declutter my office in conjunction with playing the “30-day Minimalist Game,” which asks to get rid of items for 30 days non-stop. Not only that but the number of items you get rid of coordinate with the day number. One item on day one, two items on day two, three items on day three and so on.

I’m starting this journey on the last two days of January in order to compensate for the month of February which only has 28 days. And I’m hoping that if you are reading this, you will help me be accountable for completing this task.

To help myself at an emotional level, I decided that I will take a picture of the items I’m getting rid of and write about them. I will talk about how they became to be part of my possessions, what the items have contribute to my life, and why I’m getting rid of them, beyond the obvious reason. By doing this I hope to gain control and also develop an understanding about living a simpler life without so many possessions.

I have a neighbor with whom I get along with very well. We often have conversations about life, about films, about food, about theatre, and about our own personal struggles. I mentioned to her about “The Minimalist: Less is Now” documentary and came to find out she is a minimalist. So, now, she will be my immediate motivational coach. I know I am going to have a really hard time getting rid of stuff, but I know most of the stuff I have has served its purposed, at some point brought me joy, and now it is just taking space and accumulating dust.

The game starts tomorrow and I know the odds are not really in my favor.


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