00018: Rainbow Fox Tails

Day 8 of the 30-Day Minimalism Game

Day 8, eight items

Eight items are part of the above image but only two of them matter: the rainbow fox tails. These two tails belonged to my late sister. She and her only daughter, the youngest of her children, used them during a Halloween party. Then, my sister gave them to me because, well, “You’re my gay brother. And this tales are a rainbow.” She told me.

Since then, the tails have been in a box, just there, not necessarily collecting dust but also not serving any used. You did serve a purpose for my sister and my niece… three years ago! So, bye-bye tails!

The books, well, they are actually guides, I had them since my first trip to London in 2010. That is 11 years ago! And since then I have traveled to the United Kingdom every other year, last time being 2018. Summer 2020 was supposed to be the next trip to the UK but we know that 2020 is the fuck year of the century. So there was no trip. “Thanks, Obama!” #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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