00019: Lightsabers

Day 9 of the 30-Day Minimalism game

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… actually it was just two years ago in my own house. For some reason, maybe it was one of those days, I had a very strong desire to own a lightsaber. I had seen some of my long time fraternity brothers post pictures of their lightsabers so I wanted one. But not being very “educated” in the force, I simply went online and looked for one. We all know that when we look for something on the internet, those type of products start to appear, by “magic” in your Facebook feed later on.

Lo and behold, an offer for a lightsaber suddenly appeared on my FB feed. Excited, like my dogs used to be when they saw come home from work, I quickly clicked and checked the offer, saw the pictures, read the reviews, and saw it was a great thing to have. The best thing about the whole offer was that they had a “two-for-one” special going on “right at this moment,” a special that would end in less than 15 minutes. I even saw the countdown clock on the page.

Oh, no! I must buy them now!

And so it came to pass that excitedly, naively, and stupidly I clicked on the “add product” button, paid for the product and waited for my incredible lightsaber. And it arrived! Or rather they arrived for there were two! But there were not even closed to what the advertising said or what the reviewers had mentioned. False advertising at its best!

The lightsabers were made of cheap plastic that didn’t illuminated. To “come alive” I needed to swish the handle and then the retractable pieces would come out to form the lightsaber. They were made so bad that the “retractable” pieces didn’t really work at all. I got angry and I put them away. No, I could not return them, just in case you’re thinking it, and I can’t remember the reason.

Today, the above image shows the two boxes of the two lightsabers as part of the nine items I’m getting rid off. I took one of the lightsabers out just so you can see it. It doesn’t look that bad in the photo but it is. Cheap plastic that can easily break.

And so, the question is, “Was I dupe?” Of course, I was. But the most important question now becomes, “Why do I have a cane?” #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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