00051: El Poster de Diego Rivera

Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central (Mural by Diego Rivera)

Day 1, one item

As many of you know, I’m a playwright, and as part of my writing process sometimes I travel to do research on certain topics. For a long time I’ve been wanting to write a play about La Calavera Catrina so I’ve been doing research on that subject matter. During one of my trips to Mexico, I decided to visit El Museo Mural Diego Rivera, the place where one of the most important mural about México: Sueño de una trade dominical en La Alameda Central is housed.

The museum is located next to “La Plaza de la Solaridad” in La Alameda Central in Mexico City. Visiting that place was a breathtaking experience, the mural is just majestic and there are really no words to describe how I felt standing in front of it.

As a souvenir I bought a poster of the mural, which I really like but I never got to frame and put up on a wall. In fact, the poster still is wrapped in its original plastic container and still has the original ID sticker. So, if after four years I did not look for the poster even though I’m still gathering information about La Calavera Catrina, I think it is fair to give the poster to someone who might appreciated. This is the first item on the first day of the challenge and this time around, I’m only going to post every five days, just to keep things less boring and more interesting. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth.

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  1. Now that’s one play I’m really looking forward too! My “Catrina” sits atop my fireplace mantel. She is a bit of an enigma to me ~ somewhat haunting, somewhat confronting, somewhat gleeful. Can’t wait to learn more!

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