00050: Brand New Day!

Brand New Day!

It’s very strange but today, being the first of March, feels like a brand new day to me. I mean, I know it is a new day but I sense a force of positive energy and a desire to shout, “Can you feel that brand new day?” Better yet, I want to sing that musical number song from The Wiz, “Brand New Day.”

This doesn’t mean I’m not emotionally struggling. I mean, I am dealing with COVID-19 and the passing of a family member because of the virus. I’m also negotiating the different beliefs and behaviors within family members when it comes to paying respect to our love one in the middle of this pandemic. I want to mention this because, just in case, I do not want to be perceived as someone who doesn’t care, has no feelings, and doesn’t love the family.

People deal with tragedy and death in different ways, my way is by isolating myself in order to have better control over my emotional state. I also submerge my mind, thoughts, and emotions into the creative process–whatever that creative process may be.

It is, within this emotional and cloudy state of mind that I have been able to achieve a couple of things. 1) I completed my 30-day Minimalism Game and 2) I was able to write the first draft of my new one-person script. Those two things are a big achievement because a) I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do the challenge and b) writing the first draft of my new one-person show takes the burden of thinking about “what to write about.” Now, the path is much clearer.

I woke up feeling accomplished, feeling at peace, feeling calm, and feeling motivated. So today I’m starting a new 30-day minimalism game. I’m calling it “The 30-day 2.0 Minimalism Challenge” and I am very ready for it. All of this makes me happy and in return it makes me believe that today is indeed a brand new day.

To celebrate this brand new day, I’m posting a short video (2 min.) of a great “Brand New Day” musical rendition choreographed by the talented James Alonzo White. This video is everything I feel and everything I want to do. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth.

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