00057: Stop Asian Hate


I am not part of the AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islanders) community but being that such community is part of the Global Minorities in the country, I’m saddened and pissed off at the events in Atlanta. I don’t think I need to repeat what happened because by now everyone around the world knows what happened.

And let me be clear, this incident isn’t isolated and it didn’t just happen because one stupid, angry, racist white men was “having a bad day.” This incident didn’t just happen because this stupid, racist, xenophobic white men was trying to “eliminate sexual temptations.” If he really wanted to eliminate sexual temptations he should have just chop off his own dick. No, this incident is a result of the systems of white supremacy that have been placed to keep us “in fear” and in “our place.”

Funny how “having a bad day” and “eliminating sexual temptations” seem to be strong enough motives to go out and shoot people but also not strong enough to murk the man’s mind who specifically targeted members of the AAPI Community. Hearing Captain Jake Baker, a white cop, downplay the situation is shocking but not surprising because at the end, he is protecting his own. After all, Baker posted a picture of a shirt he loved, a shirt with the caption “COVID19, Imported Virus from China.”

As a member of the Latinx and Queer People of Color (QPOC) communities it is my duty to condemn this heinous violent acts. It is also my responsibility to ask the Global Minorities community to unite and stand together in order to defend and help each other, as well as to voice our anger against the violence we continue to experience. If we don’t, we indirectly but effectively, participate in the systems white supremacists have placed in order to disable our communities.

We need to unite and stand together. We need to help each other and build stronger communities. We need to organize and voice our discontent at the blatant racism and discrimination we face every day. We need to unite and stand strong against the white supremacist system that threatens our livelihoods. We need to unite as one because if we don’t, it is easier for the white supremacist system to control us.

And at this moment, we need to stand together and support our brothers and sisters from the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Community who is being targeted thanks to the idiocy and stupidity of those who follow and practice the white systems of oppression that have been put in place agains people of color.

Stop Asian Hate!!! #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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