00058: Spring Time

20 days of the 30-day 2.0 Minimalism Challenge

Day 20, twenty items

My calendar says that today is March 20, 2021, the beginning of spring. Most importantly, today marks 20 days of my 30-day 2.0 Minimalism Challenge. That’s right. I’m into the first twenty days of the challenge and I’m proud to say that, like the first time, I’m loving this activity.

The challenge places me in a different set of mind, forcing me to question everything I have, well, not what I have but rather whether what I have adds value to my life. Some things do, others don’t so… off they go to a “give away” box or the trash. The lower floor of my house is now filled with boxes. In ten days the challenge will end and I will have so many boxes and so many other stuff piled up on the lower floor. Me thinks I should have a yard sale soon.

In the middle of this excitement my heart hurts from the hate showing against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Community. So I try to keep myself centered at all times, sending positive energy and thoughts to those who have lost love ones in Atlanta, and to those who have been harm just for simply existing. The hate crimes shown to older Asian people (especially in San Francisco, CA) have increased lately. It is sad and infuriating to see such hate towards them. But what you expect when people with influence use platforms to spread hateful rhetoric and falsehoods about others?

May we all come together and unite against the hateful. May we all support our Asian community. And may we all unite as one. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth.

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