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26 Days of the 30-day Minimalism Game

26 days, twenty-six items

Growing up I always wanted to have a portfolio for school but those things were not in a my reach. Once I became I professor, I started buying portfolios. Some where really good, others were okay but regardless of their quality and practicality, I’ve always had more than one. And when the time came to discard them, I never did.

And so I have eight portfolios that are just in a box and now, well, they must go. I still don’t know what I need to do with them. The best option is to donate them to GOODWILL, I guess. One thing I know. I’m on my 26th day of the 30-day Minimalism Game and while I know there are only four days left to end the challenge, seeing the four days left on the calendar is a very exciting thing. Of course, I am getting to the end and I cannot wait to each my goal, but at the same time, I’m already toying with the idea to continue decluttering and simply adding more days as I move forward. I’m thinking of this like a rent agreement. You move to a rental with a one-year agreement and after that, you are paying month to month. In the case of the 30-day Minimalism Game, I have “signed” a contract for 30 days and now I can do the 15-day to 15-day goal or the week-to week. What do you think? Sound like fun, does’t it? I wonder what The Minimalists would think of this idea. And yes, I’m very aware that this approach is not new and I am sure others have tried it before. But this is my beginning, my motivation, and my desire to continue becoming stuff-free or as stuff-free as possible. So indulge me for a little longer while I clean my house and my life. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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