00042: An Unexpected Like!

From The Minimalists

Just a quick entry. While it isn’t a big deal, it still is a huge deal. The fact that The Minimalist have liked one of my tweets in regards to the 30-day Minimalism Game is so reassuring and motivational.

Let’s be real, these guys have been around since 2016 and they have reached millions and millions of people with their podcast, their books, their appearances events, their newsletter, and more. This means they have thousands if not millions of followers. To have one of your tweets be “liked” by them is actually a big deal because, well, I can imagine how many tweets, re-retweets, and hashtags they get linked to.

So, even if they don’t ever get to read my blog and/or follow my journey, I thank them for making me start this change in my life and for liking one of my tweets. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future. #carlosmanuelspeaksthetruth

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