While my show Alicia from the Real in Wonderland was being produced at Contra Costa College, the place where I worked as a full-time theatre faculty and Chair of the Drama Department, the president of the college approached me and asked if I could write a family holiday play. And since our president is a very strong supported of the arts, especially theatre, I said yes. 

The result was a 1 hour and 10 minute play titled, WINTERLAND: A Holiday Adventure. The play features many known Christmas related characters and many others that are not known. The play had its premiere in December 2023. Those who attended the show said it was funny, clever, entertaining, and most importantly, a refreshing holiday story never seen before. “It was nice,” someone said. “To see a Christmas play that wasn’t the same old Christmas story.” 

I personally think audiences like the play because it was different, an unexpected holiday story, and because it was at the end, it was an adventure with a female character as a protagonist. Now, with a new goal for December 2025, the one-act story will be turned into a full-length play, mainly because right now the play ends with the main characters going on a new adventure. 

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