The Carnevale Poster

One of the main programs at the Carnevale di Venezia 2023 is the VENEZIA OVVERO L’ARTE DELLA COMMEDIA (Venice o el Arte de la Commedia.) In this program, there are ten different Commedia dell’arte plays being presented in rotation in two different parts of the city: Campo Santo Stefano (St. Stefano Square) and Piazza San Marcos (St. Mark’s Square.) 

The Commedia Program

As soon as I arrived, I obtained a copy of the program and planned my days according to the different presentations so I can see all of them during the festival days.

The Commedia Stage

The plays are presented on the traditional Commedia dell’arte Stage. A simple platform with two small ladders on each side for the actors to enter. A simple curtain at the back of the platform serves as the background and also hides the space where the actors change costumes, wigs, masks, etc. 

All presentations are in the open and free to anyone passing by. Arriving early to get a spot in the front is always a good idea since at any given time the squares have lots of people due to the festivities.  

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