That’s right! After a six-month absence, the director and I are reuniting to make sure the production of INTRODUCING MODERNA SUSPIROS: A Fable Based on True Event… We Think takes place. Yes, it has been a long way coming and lots of things have happened. The director, for example, who was scheduled to arrive two days before our week of rehearsals will now be arriving two days later-something to do with a faculty strike in his institution.  

And then we have the issue with my ankle. The ankle, which still  hurts, but it is doing much, much better, may or may not be ready for high heels. The doctor put me on a boot for almost a month. Then I got cortisone injections, two of them, because my tendon and my nerve were damage, or are damage. I don’t know any more. 

Have the shots worked? To a certain extend, yes. I’m able to move a little faster; I’m able to walk a little longer; I’m able to see that my foot is no longer swollen. Those are the good things. The bad things: my ankle is a little purple, especially around the area where the two shots were given. And if I put pressure, by that I mean push my fingers onto those spots, it hurts. I’m assuming it is because the needles ripped into my skin and reach the tendon and the nerve through there. 

You know that saying that goes “The Show Must Go On?” Well, theatre artists really mean it. Despite of the complications, obstacles, and last minute shenanigans, the show will happen. I may not be wearing those very high heels, but the show will happen. That is a promise.

I’m writing this on a Sunday morning, a day before we start working on the show once again. This means that, not counting today, we have four days to put the show together before it opens this coming Friday. And yes, I’m very excited, more than I care to admit. 

Tomorrow we will do two main things: Costume fittings and set design set up. The costume fitting will be fun because it is just me and the costume consultant/designer. The set design set up will be a little shaky because the director won’t be here to make final decisions so we are just going to go with our semi-professional pencil sketch. The one the director has in his possession so we are just going to go by memory. 

Tuesday, will be interesting because I don’t even know what will happen on that day. I know for sure the director will be arriving on that day, at 10:30 PM. Other than that, I have no idea in respects to the show, but something will happen. Maybe we start setting up the lights and the sound. That’s it. That sounds like a great plan. Let’s just hope both the sound designer and the lighting designer are available. They should be, right? After all, they knew tech rehearsal was coming. 

Alright! Enough! I will update in the production progress later on this week, probably before opening night. If not, I will update AFTER the show is over, sometime next week. 

Don’t you love the uncertainty? I very much enjoy it… Not!

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