A while ago, during a work meeting, the dean mentioned that perhaps we needed to produce a play that would cater to young people. “Sure!” Everyone said with enthusiasm as they looked at me for a more concrete answer. “I think something like Alice in Wonderland would be perfect,” I said. Everyone agree. “But of course,” I added. “If we are going to do that, I’m going to write my own version of the play.” I concluded. And the rest, as they say, it’s history. 

In Fall 2022, I directed my own version of “Alice in Wonderland.” I combined the two books written by Lewis Carroll and using different characters from both manuscripts, I came out with my own version. Being that the story is about a “little girl” who is involved in some weird trip, the version I wrote is about a 17-year old teen Latinx girl who is running away from home, runs into a rabbit and off she goes to wonderland where she realizes home is where she should be. 

It only took me about three months to come out with the first draft. And then, like magic, within two more months I had the first official draft, and by the time auditions came about, a third draft have been written. And of course, as the rehearsal process took place additions, deletions, and changes took place. By the time the show opened, an official version of the play was done. 

Alicia from the Real in Wonderland opened in November 2022. It had a very successful run of six performances (our usual run) but with sold out houses every time. During its run, a friend and colleague from another university heard of the play so he asked me for a copy of it. He presented the script to the director who read it and immediately liked it. So, in Spring 2023, the play was produced at The College ofWooster in Ohio. I heard the show was also a success. During the run of the show, someone from a Children’s theatre company saw it, reached out and said they wanted to produce it. So, in Fall 2023, the show was produced by Akron Center for the Arts through Firestone Theatre. Needles to say, so far this play has had a good start. 

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