00010: Random Stuff, 1

30-Day Minimalism Challenge, Day Three

Day 3, three items

Except for the “Travel Ireland Magazine” there is nothing special about these items. The magazines (there are three), were part of a trip I took to Dublin for a Gay Theatre Festival where I participated with one of my one-person shows. The show is titled, “JOTO: Confessions of a Mexican Outcast,” and it was part of the festival for a whole week, with performances every afternoon and evening, alternating with another one-person show in the same performing space.

I kept the magazine because there is an article about the theatre festival. It was important at the time but now two festivals have gone by and the last one was canceled due to the pandemic. There is a digital form of the magazine so I’m sure that if I need to find information, I can always go there.

The other two items are a wooden frame, and an eyeglass magnetic case. Really, just stuff that is taken space and accumulating dust.

They served their purpose at some point but their end has come.


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