Welp, my trip to Italy has ended. I had the best of times; I have the worse of times. And regardless of the experiences, I am in fact, very thankful for the opportunity to spend so much time in a country where trains are a marvelous way to travel. 

Even though the trip is over, the sabbatical work continues. There is a few more things that need to be done. One more interview with an alumni from Dell’Arte International, the creation of a “Commedia dell’arte” class, and the rehearsals and presentation of the one-person show,  INTRODUCING MODERNA SUSPIROS.

There will be a few more blog posts on the rehearsal process (happening at the end of May) and then a couple of more posts on the production of the show, (happening at the beginning of December.)

Officially, the sabbatical ends at the end of May. The sabbatical reports are due in October, and the show will be done in December. By the time everything is completely done, it will be December 2023, and an entire year would have passed from the planning of the trip to the presentation of the play. And if we count the first part of the sabbatical, which took place in spring 2020, during the time the play was written, well, it’s been a very long journey, but one that has brought me enjoyment and the chance to gain more knowledge, which I will be gladly sharing with my students once the class on Commedia is offered.

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