We had a costume fitting just a couple of weeks ago. The the fitting also included shoes, of course. It has taken me a while to post about this matter because the fitting, although exciting, was also a little bit of a disappointment. Don’t take me wrong! The costume fitting fulfilled its purpose but the results were less than desirable. 

I was excited about trying the different costumes and also nervous because what had been imagine the director’s head and my head could and would look very different in reality. 

After some laughs about undergarments and how to wear them I finally was able to get on my first costume. It look good, and I felt good about it too. 

Colorful right? Well, this costume was costumed made for me and I got it while I was traveling in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. Colorful, a little heavy, and expensive. But it simply worked like a charm! One down, two to go!

The next costume is what we area calling the “main costume.” The character wears this for the entire play. I’m happy to say if really worked and look as it was envision. 

The last costume, which is supposed to be the show stopper or the “surprise” costume, although looked good in vision, it really did not gel as expected. It really did not look good at all.

I don’t know but the the costume made me look awkward and that also reflected on my face. And the shoes, well, they didn’t work either. At the end, it was decided that both the costume and the shoes were going to be replaced. 
And speaking of shoes, two pairs of shoes and a pair of sandals will be use in the show. One pair of shoes worked, the other didn’t, but the sandals did. 

This is the pair of shoes that work:

These are the shoes that didn’t work:

And there are no images for the sandals. 

Now we are waiting for the new dresses and the new shoes…. let’s see what happens. 

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